Bradley Mechanical- Justin

This product makes sense, we do an energy audit for every HVAC customer we have. If they have an attic ladder or scuttle hole, we install an attic zipper. Never had one complaint.

Tom Pugh- James River Air

This is the toughest attic ladder or scuttle hole cover on the market! Seeing is believing use a thermal imager to show your client the huge difference installing Attic Zipper makes.

Joel- Devere Insulation Contractors Baltimore

What I like about Attic Zipper's product is that it won't tear if it rubs up against the attic ladder hinge. This is a very tough product. We're sold.

Jewel Kurland

Before I purchased the attic zipper, I had called Jeff several times. He was very helpful and patient. The attic zipper was not difficult to install(my non-contractor brother did it) and it works great .... a fantastic product at a great price.

Mark Battle..

This here gizmo rocks like a polished banjo on the Greenbriar. Saves ya some money and its easier to install than mud tires on an ole flat bed. Still lets ya git in your attic if'n ya need ta. Some folks like ta put away some a their blongins up nair.

Charlie Leucht-Hope Electric Company Richmond/Petersburg

Yeah I just saw your product installed in a house we had to work on running a new service for an electric back up for a high efficiency goodman system. We were worried about kicking attic insulation into the house through the attic hatch while we worked so we just zipped up the attic zipper cover until we were done..problem solved! Insulation guys who do blown in insulation should install one of these first before blowing insulation in attics to save on clean up time AND save their clients energy.... I'm a Fan

Gerard Dawson- Northern Cali.

Im an insulation installer and do blower door testing. I know first hand that Attic Zipper stops a heck of alot of draft if you wanna see for your self come video tape one of my tests before and after Attic Ziiper has been installed. I'm sold man.. good work on this product.. GD

GC, Homeowner engineering manager

This Attic Zipper is just a really smart product. I will help you guys at Attic Zipper get the word out in any way I can.

Mike Wilson BPI Contractor, Warrenton, VA

I tested the attic zipper with a duct vacuum test machine and there is no registration of leak even at high levels of vacuum. I strongly recommend Attic Zipper.

Jeff Giesbrecht, HVAC contractor

I suggest Attic Zipper to every single client with an attic ladder. I was waiting for this product.