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100% money back guaranteed to save money on your energy bills


What is Attic Zipper?

An easy to install attic ladder cover (or scuttle hole cover) that will Save You 10%+ on your monthly heating & cooling bill.

This product solves the largest energy leak in the average single family home. Energy auditors and Insulation contractors, Weatherization Professionals,
HVAC contractors, and even the Federal Government all agree that the attic is the biggest leak in your home and robs your pocket every single month by creating
the largest energy loss in the average home. Attic Zipper stops this leak!   (Attic Zipper has no cardboard and will not tear like cheaper commercial attic hatch covers will when they come into contact with your ladder)

How to Install ATTIC ZIPPER?

Easy installation instructions for your Attic Zipper

The Attic Zipper attic stair insulator is easy to install and dramatically reduces air transfer between your living space and the attic. Most homeowners know that they are wasting expensive energy as conditioned air (heated or cooled) leaks out through the attic stair into their attic. They know that insulation and draft protection would significantly improve the situation, but they still need to access the attic. The Attic Zipper IS THE solution.

Installation takes 5 minutes with a tube of adhesive and a staple gun.  Follow the written directions below in the pdf , or watch the "5 minutes to air tight" installation video.

Your properly sized Attic Zipper (usually 24in x 55in)
A staple gun or even more convenient, a roofers slap stapler
A tube of either standard construction adhesive or a tube of locktite PL and a caulk gun
instruction_text watchinstallation
Attic Zipper will not tear or rip if it brushes against the ladder like some of the cheaper attic hatch covers!

Attic Zipper Does This:

Saves money
keeps bugs out
stops 100% of draft

It takes 5 minutes to install and pays for itself in less than a year. Over the life of a mortgage it will save the average homeowner over $6000. So do the math $200 cost & 5 minutes of your time vs $6000 saved over the life of your mortgage...

Attic Zipper is Guaranteed for as long as you own your home!



I suggest Attic Zipper to every single client with an attic ladder. It will save the client money on energy, stops all draft and is easy for my techs to install. It is better engineered out of better materials than any other commercially available product. I was waiting for this product.

Jeff Giesbrecht,

HVAC contractor, weatherization expert BPI- Virginia Beach

I bought an AtticZipper because spiders were coming out of my attic into my house and I hate them. See ya later spiders. It is also saving me money on my electricity bill and when I walk under the attic ladder I can no longer feel the summer heat pouring into my house. Thank you Jeff. btw it took my brother 7 minutes to install it.. :-)


Chambersburg Pennsylvania-Homeowner

I am now installing Attic Zippers on every New HVAC install. These people are paying $6,000-$10,000 for a new higher efficiency heating and cooling system and I show them how smart it is to keep that cheaper air conditioned air from getting sucked out of their house through the attic. It is sooo worth the additional $300 I charge to protect their investment.

Rustin Ford,

Petersburg Air, HVAC contractor

What I like about Attic Zipper's product is that it won't tear if it rubs up against the attic ladder hinge. This is a very tough product. We're sold.


Devere Insulation Contractors Baltimore

We are looking for HVAC and Insulation contractors. Soon Attic Zipper will be available in your Local Ferguson stores, They are available now at select IDI insulation distribution warehouses.