We have all encountered the dilemma; home inspectors in general shy away from direct product sales to their clients, to keep their craft ethically pure. Makes sense.  But recommending a product or product category is a normal everyday occurrence.  Energy savings advice without a real solution reference is like exposing a wound without providing a clean antiseptic bandage, and leaves our clients frustrated and disappointed. Recommending a product off a store shelf at a big box retailer is likely to provide a solution that is of poor quality, so the solution may not really affect the client beneficially and can make the savings so modest, that inspectors look alarmist and foolish later when no benefit is noticed.  InterNACHI has found a solution for the largest leak in the energy envelope that can ethically provide  a modest cash incentive for our inspectors and energy auditors. Attic Zipper. One of our members, Chris Ferguson owner at Ferguson Home Inspections in the Research Triangle of North Carolina has been partnered with Attic Zipper for over 2 years now and has shared this opportunity with the rest of his brothers at InterNACHI.   Further, Chris has helped to design a passive marketing concept that exceeds all ethical standards, and still offers our inspectors some additional income by downloading and using a smartphone ap.   Ferguson Home Inspections  has tested the product and has subsequently recommended it to every client (with an attic entry)  for the last 2 years because it works, it is very well made, it exceeds the standard and it is made here in the USA.

As every home inspector knows, an attic ladder or attic scuttle hole usually is the homes single largest point of energy loss. It is the lowest hanging fruit for the homeowner to get immediate CFM reduction and doesnt even cost as much as replacing one single window. According to technical specifications like ICC 402.2.4 /2016, builders must now insulate these access ways into the attic at the same R factor as the rest of the insulation in the attic. Unfortunately, in some states, this energy requirement has been removed or is not being enforced. But, the need for energy savings does not disappear with relaxing of minimum standards, so homeowners are still experiencing energy loss, higher costs, and discomfort indoors. Energy savings recommended are so tremendous that home inspectors and energy auditors are CONSTANTLY recommending these barriers, because code is a minimum standard, not a best practice guideline .

Starting now,  InterNACHI Certified Home Inspectors, InterNACHI Home Energy Auditors, and Certified Master Inspectors have an exclusive solution to recommend. This product will enhance your reputation and cause you to get referrals.    It is industrial strength, the manufacturer guarantees it for as long as the purchaser owns the home.   Your clients will see the product when they need to get in the attic and hopefully remember who recommended it.      You will get referrals.     Each time you give out the coupon, the client know it came from you because it will have your name, and the InterNACHI member number on the coupon.       Attic Zipper is an InterNACHI trusted partner who discounts all sales through this referral by $20.00 for the homeowner, and rebates referring InterNACHI members and CMI partners $10.00 per sale gained through these referrals. That means passive affiliate referral income for your business, savings for the customer, and a great product solution for the energy problem.    Can any of you energy geniuses guess how much energy will be saved annually through this program if we can retrofit just 5 million single family homes with a product that saves 150-200 cfms??

Attic Zipper has made it Easy for the Inspectors to get a significant savings for their inspection and energy audit customers through a smartphone AP. Below are links where you can download the Combination Parallel Path R factor calculator & Send a coupon to my customer smartphone AP.

Partner your business with Attic Zipper!!! Attic Zipper manufactures IRC compliant, sound dampening, flame retardant, insulated attic door/hatch covers and airtight crawl space door covers. These products have been rigorously tested by energy auditors and can be purchased from stock sizes or ordered in a custom size to fit virtually any unfinished opening. 

A well endorsed product that is utilized by the best of the best in energy efficiency: The only completely solar community with net zero homes in Virginia uses Attic Zipper technology.    Send an email request to to find out more about this builder and his endorsement of AtticZipper.     Industry experts like BPI/ RESNET certified auditor and building contractor Mike Wilson have personally researched and endorsed our product.. (to see the BPI vacuum test on the attic zipper product –Click Here.)


Attic Zipper is the industry leader, has the best insulative quality and air flow stats, is made from -a1 fire proof and durable textiles and the toughest marine quality zipper ON THE MARKET. The product is virtully indestructible under reasonable use in normal entryway conditions for unfinished areas.. This video will show you just how easy it is to install. INSTALL VIDEO

Additional revenue, convenience, and service opportunities:

Inspection and audit clients receive a great product solution at a great price to solve a significant energy envelope problem.

 This is where you can download the InterNACHI Attic Zipper APs



o You set it up one time with your name, InterNACHI number, and company contact information and then your referrals are tracked from then on using your member number.

o You can perform energy calculations and show clients how much the R factor is reduced by not having the entryway insulated and airsealed with the smartphone AP or for knowledgeable customers skip right to the referral option and fill in the size, client contact information, and send it, and the client will be contacted with the discounted InterNACHI pricing.

o After you have collected a sales rebate of $20.00 (that is just two referrals that turn into sales) you will receive a payment from Attic Zipper directly.

If you don’t have time to download the ap right now, please fill out this form and it will tell us to email you the links to the smartphone ap and give us the information we need to start your affiliate program.                 InterNACHI-Affiliate-Program-Signup 

Flexible choices for your client and YOU.:

o Self install by a competent DIY homeowner OR we also have a contractor locator that we send to the homeowner when you ask us to.

o Those inspectors and auditors that choose to do so may also offer a related service to actually install the attic closure devices as a separate service;   Then we market this service for you for free and give you other business.

Install the Attic Zipper for a fee by way of a follow up visit after the sale for professional installation. (You determine the fee, collect the income.) This gives you yet another opportunity to interact & engage and show that you are the person to turn to for recommendations on energy savings for their home.    

The 2nd version of the AP coming in the next 60 days will allow you to designate a contractor to receive the referrals from the app for referral exchange deals you make with your local contractor affiliates. Your smart phone will let you know when the new version comes out.  Keep this ap on auto-update.  

You have an additional opportunity to visit with a client and engage that relationship and offer new relevant money saving services. Those of you wishing to order the product for the client, resell it, and/or offer the installation service can certainly do this also as a dealer.

You can also sign up for the ap here: InterNACHI_Attic_R_SmartPhone_Ap_Request

The decision and the opportunity to succeed is yours! This video will show you just how easy it is to install. INSTALL VIDEO

The solution is simple, refer clients to Attic Zipper and produce a win/win for the client and your business…

Inspectors need referrals and additional revenue, who doesn’t? As an InterNACHI member, you can refer your clients to us for their needs (or provide them and install them for a fee.) You are already pour partner through your InterNACHI membership.

We now have a referral page for InterNACHI members. It costs you nothing-. On this EASY InterNACHI member page you are able to simply type in your name and InterNACHI ID and the email address of the client you wish to recommend look at attic zipper as a solution. We will contact them by email and handle everything else, by reaching out with a professional and courteous email. The email that gets sent lets the client know that this unique discount opportunity was arranged by you and will drive MORE REFERRALS to you. Your client gets a $20 discount BECAUSE YOU are an InterNACHI member. When your client purchases attic zipper, you will get paid $10.00 AUTOMATICALLY!. Your client gets a $20 discount BECAUSE YOU are an InterNACHI member. The email that gets sent to your customer for you lets the client know that this discount was arranged by you and will drive more referrals to you. Just type in your membership number and the email and name of the client and we show him the attic zipper with your InterNACHI $20 discount courtesy of YOU.

YOU ARE ALREADY APPROVED!!! You can start referring people RIGHT NOW by downloading the AP from Google or Apple and starting it the first time to register your information in the setup of the application. DO THIS FROM YOUR SMART PHONE NOW AND BE READY AT THE SUBJECT HOME THE NEXT TIME YOU NEED TO MAKE THE RECOMMENDATION! When you find an opening needing an insulation cover, including attic entries, knee wall doors as well as crawl space doors, use the AP, then fill in the size and client name, email, and any details you need to provide, and tell the client your recommendation. Make them aware to look for the email with the discount coupon , and you are done. Attic Zipper will send out the coupon and show them the advantages of Attic Zipper and offer them the InterNACHI $20 discount courtesy of YOU. It’s just plain good business!

Here you will find an instructional video on how to use the smart phone ap for both the Parallel path R-Calculator AND the affiliate passive income producing coupon program: Using the Ap      -OR-