Attic Zipper WILL SAVE YOU MONEY -AND- keep bugs, attic insulation particles out of your home! 

Our number is 804-518-5094.   Feel free to call in your order of an attic zipper for your home.   This product will save you money starting immediately.  As soon as it is installed and should take you (if you are somewhat handy and have a caulk gun and a staple gun) maybe 15-20 minutes to install.   Here’s a link to the installation video.  INSTALL VIDEO

Just make sure you have the inside dimensions of your attic entry framing.   Basically the size of the entry door.    You can roughly guess the annual savings at 8 cents annually per square foot of conditioned space, so if you have a 2000 square foot home, you would save $160 per year.   This is also dependent on other factors but is roughly correct and accurate.     By the way this product, unless you have a ridiculously HUGE attic entry will cost you under $200.00 including shipping.   Your attic entry is the lowest hanging fruit for you to easily reduce unrestricted exit air by 175-300 CFM’s.  For reference, when you install 1 highly efficient 24 x 48 double pane gas filled window you are hoping to save 40-50 cfms.    The cost for that window is  at least $400 installed from a real window contractor.     It takes 5-8 of these high efficiency windows to equal 1 attic zipper in energy savings.    Do the math.

For more research and reference, Allison Bailes, PhD is a well known building performance guru.    Google him.     He wrote two articles specifically about why homeowners should immediately take care of this easy to solve energy efficiency leak.  you can see here: