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10 additional minutes of work on each install / service call + a 30 second sales pitch = $200+ in your pocket from each client. Ok maybe not all of them but at least several per week! You decide...

Whether you are a Contractor or a Hardware store/ Building Supply buyer..here are the reasons for you to consider stocking and reselling Attic Zippers:

The product offers 100% draft protection at 500 pascals of vacuum (see BPI rater test video on Youtube) This is 10 times the normal vacuum used on standard blower door tests.

Here's the proof:

It ships r-16- but can be easily manipulated to meet higher r factor requirements For Weatherization Pro's and Insulation contractors we have a batt strapped version that meets the 2012 iecc R402.2.4 requirement and can show you how to install this to meet the REG.

It installs air tight with a tube of locktite PL adhesive and a staple gun
It takes only 10 minutes to install ok at most 15 minutes.
Insulation contractors, HVAC contractors and BPI auditors are re-selling it for $350-$500 installed standard cost is only $165, less if you buy in bulk
Its an easy extra $200+ from each client (IF ATTIC ZIPPER IS ON YOUR TRUCKS)
It looks good and offers easy zippered access to the attic and will
save your clients money every single month from day 1.
We will create these brochures for your HVAC company to use.

Brochure Link for HVAC contractors


***IT will not tear. Cheaper products tear when they brush across the ladder hinge, insulation contractors know this. Other commercial products contain cardboard which attracts mold and will rot. You dont want your company to get those calls from your customers. Attic zipper encases the radiant barrier insulation layer between two tear proof/ mold proof textiles. This is why we have such a strong guarantee.

We want You to be our partner!! Please contact us to discuss the mutual benefit of partnership. Even if you are selling a competing product we have an interest in discussion.

Go here to see the 5 minute installation video:

An interview with one of our HVAC partners in Richmond.

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