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Thank you so much for visiting Attic Zipper. If you own a home with an attic ladder or a skuttle hole you need to strongly consider purchasing and installing an Attic Zipper. Here are the reasons and some research to support your decision.

1) 35% of the energy you purchase to either cool or warm your home excapes through your attic (see ) The government actually has created a descriptive page where you can learn how to build a solution yourself if you have $150 AND 5 hours of free time here.. (but attic zipper works better and takes 5 minutes to install and is only a little more expensive. You decide. )

This following excerpt is directly from the Federal Governments EPA page "Since they are typically accessible from within the home, attics can be one of the easiest places in your home to insulate, which can save you money on your energy bills. Be sure to consider insulation with the proper R-value appropriate for your home's climate. Furthermore, check the insulation and air sealing around the access to your attic- especially to if your attic is unfinished. A home's attic access, which could be an attic hatch, pull-down stairs, or a knee-wall door, often, goes uninsulated. This gap in the attic insulation increases heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. A 1/4-inch gap around the perimeter of an attic access can potentially leak the same amount of air supplied by a typical bedroom heating duct. By air sealing attic access, you can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs."

2) Attic Zipper has been tested by BPI energy auditors with complicated duct vacuum equipment and literally prevents ~100% of air infiltration and exfiltration to and from your attic.

3) Attic Zipper has an insulation factor and is made with a laminate of three materials including reflective double bubble insulation.

4) Attic Zipper is hermetically sealed and will keep bugs, dander, dust and insulation debris out of your living space

5) Attic Zipper is made to allow easy access by an adult but to be much more difficult for a child to open and so there is a safety factor.

6) Attic Zipper is made from industrial textile materials by Americans. We know alot of people don't care anymore about where their products or food come from but we do. Our manufacturing staff take pride in their work and understand that our quality must be higher than the cheaper products manufactured overseas.

7) Attic Zipper is extremely easy to install and takes the normal Joe Homeowner less than 10 minutes.

If you have thought about ways to fix the draft coming into your home or the energy leaving your home through your attic ladder hatchway please fill out the form on this page and we will send you a more detailed package of information.