Crawl Space Zipper

Crawl space Zipper for crawl space door insulating and weatherproofing

This product is designed to install in 10 minutes or less on the inside of the crawl space door, you do not need to make a frame to install it as it will attach directly to block with a ramset gun if you use 2 in washers and the brown (softer 22 cal) charge. If you do create a door frame around the inside of the door, just use a staple gun. In both cases use locktite PL adhesive or commercial construction adhesive (2 beads) and you will NOT need weatherstripping on the door. This provides r16 out of the packaging and is completely airtight. The product contains one of either an insert bag or batt straps to add on batt or foam board insulation to dial up your r factor to whatever your local inspector requires. The product has been tested by BPI auditors and is known not to leak even 1cfm at 300 pascals. (Yes 300)

These come in 16 x 24, 20 x 32, 22 x 32 & 24 x 36. It is a complete air barrier and offers zippered access to the crawl space. The zipper is industrial strength and same zipper we use for attic zipper products.

These commercially available pre-made crawl space doors do not come insulated. Attic Zippers' CrawlSpaceZipper(tm) solves this and is IRC402.2.4 compliant. 100% airproof at 300 pascals. No more weatherstripping. R factor is variable for your convenience. Patent pending design. 10-15 minute install.

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Crawl Space Zipper by Attic Zipper Company