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Thank you for visiting attic zipper. We'd like to just cut through all the bologna and tell you the reasons we think you should want an AtticZipper. 35% of your energy is lost through your attic, its a fact. We can help you keep a bunch of that energy in your house and save you money on your monthly energy bill. The federal epa has an entire web page dedicated to the subject and here's the link and an exerpt from the page.. "Since they are typically accessible from within the home, attics can be one of the easiest places in your home to insulate, which can save you money on your energy bills. Be sure to consider insulation with the proper R-value appropriate for your home's climate. Furthermore, check the insulation and air sealing around the access to your attic- especially to if your attic is unfinished. A home's attic access, which could be an attic hatch, pull-down stairs, or a knee-wall door, often, goes uninsulated. This gap in the attic insulation increases heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. A 1/4-inch gap around the perimeter of an attic access can potentially leak the same amount of air supplied by a typical bedroom heating duct. By air sealing attic access, you can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs."

Importantly, AtticZipper takes no more than 10 minutes to install air tight. It DOES NOT prevent you from accessing your attic, it is zippered like the name implies. It will keep bugs and mold out of your house.

It is designed to be easy to use for an adult but not for a child. Soon we will have our shopping cart right here on this page but until then please fill out the form below to purchase and we will call you to get your information.. Thank you... Buy one.. you will be very happy you did.. Then your neighbors will want one and we will be happy.