Attic Zipper

Are you losing heat and energy through your attic stair door?

-If you’ve ever stood near your attic stairs in the winter and felt the cool air leaking in through the cracks and gaps in the door, you’ll understand why you’re spending so much on heating. As you know, heat rises, so warm air naturally moves away from your living space to the attic. You are probably spending money to heat a large and uninsulated attic. Warm damp air rising through your attic can also cause mold issues, affecting the air quality of your home and causing potential health problems.

An unconditioned attic can cause just as many issues during the summer, as hot and humid air leaks into your living space and making your air conditioner work harder than necessary.

If you experience air leaks and uncomfortable temperatures because of energy loss to your attic, you may consider sealing off or insulating the attic door hatch. But for many homes, the attic provides valuable storage space and that needs to be accessed occasionally.

The Attic Zipper was designed to fix this problem. It provides the best insulation to create an air­tight seal around your attic stair door, while still giving you easy access to the space. No other attic stair insulator is as simple to use while providing energy saving results. We can have one shipped to you in the next 24 hours

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